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Get 100% custom-built and unique terabytes of processed on-chain, social, github and fundamental data sets

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  1. 1import san
  2. 2
  3. 3daa = san.get(
  4. 4"daily_active_addresses/santiment",
  5. 5from_date="2018-06-01",
  6. 6to_date="2018-06-05",
  7. 7interval="1d"
  8. 8)
  9. 9
  10. 10prices = san.get(
  11. 11"prices/santiment",
  12. 12from_date="2018-06-01",
  13. 13to_date="2018-06-05",
  14. 14interval="1d"
  15. 15)

78.6 %

data gathered

Made for Developers

Average response time is 3 seconds.
Blockchain transactions are added in less than 5 minutes

  • Always improving

    On-chain data is collected directly from running nodes, not 3rd parties, making it faster and more reliable, by eliminating another potential point of failure

  • Global scaling

    Use GraphQL for freedom and flexibility, or SanPy, our custom Python wrapper that is ideal for data scientists. Our SanSDK in GitHub includes examples for Ruby

  • Python library

    The SanAPI is SSL-encrypted (signed API requests, generated key) and low-latency. Our robust CDN connects you to the API server closest to you


4.0+ TB of
on-chain data

  • Token Age Consumed
  • Exchange Inflow/Outflow
  • Token Circulation/Velocity
  • Daily Active Addresses
  • Network Growth
  • Top 100 transactions
  • Top Token Holders
  • Eth Mining Metrics


200+ GB
of text data

  • Data from forums and chats
  • Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and more
  • Data from private trader chats
  • Volume of social mentions
  • Social mentions for crypto projects
  • Comprehensive word clouds
  • Top Social Gainers
  • Sentiment score
  • # of project's Twitter followers

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1200+ projects

  • Price
  • Volume
  • Market Cap
  • Open, Close, High, Low
  • 227 exchange wallets

Developer activity

4.5 TB of processed data

  • Github data for 970+ projects
  • 1.7 BN Github events
  • New way of measuring Dev Activity
  • Hourly updates
  • Historical data starts from 2013

Use cases

Santiment is more than just an analytics platform.
With our data, you can predict changes in the market

  • First mover advantage

    Instantly react to on-chain events, changes in developer activity or shifts in social volume. Build your own signals and trade bots to retort any market behavior

  • Backtesting strategies

    Boost your ROI by running trading simulations and backtesting strategies. Whether you’re day, swing or long-term trading, find a model that works for you

  • Third-party Integration

    Take your crypto app to next level with the industry’s most comprehensive data sets. Zoom in or as far out of any market event as you want.

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What people
are saying

SANapi is one of the most comprehensive crypto APIs on the market. For us, it is incredibly easy to fetch various data sets like on-chain, social media and development info directly to Bitfinex through their unified API and across different blockchains. The Santiment team has worked hard on creating a stable, reliable and all-inclusive data source for crypto, and they’ve more than delivered.

Paolo Ardoino

CTO at Bitfinex

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I easily explore the API and all endpoints it offers?

    You can try our API through a web explorer! Find out more here.

  • How far back is the data available?

    For our on-chain metrics - all the way back. This means all BTC metrics are available for as far back as the BTC blockchain existed; same goes for Ethereum and other chains that we track at the moment and will track in the future.

    For our social metrics, it will obviously differ based on the age of a particular social channel, but we have more than enough data for most machine learning applications.

    For our development activity metrics, the data goes back to the first git commit/event executed in a project’s public Github repo.

    Feel free to ask on our Discord for more details.

  • What is a ‘slug’ - and where can I find a list of them?

    ‘slug’ is a parameter that most API endpoints share; it acts as a unique identifier for a project or asset. Check out this query to find all available slugs here.

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